Policy Analysis and Design


Due to the global climate change issue, organizations have to prepare for a low carbon economy. A wide variety of policies have been devised to solve climate change and to ensure a more sustainable energy supply. Policies for climate change mitigation include cap-and-trade scheme, carbon tax, voluntary carbon footprint and mitigation program, etc. This brings new opportunities but also entails compliance with new legislation and new types of risk management. The same applies for developments on energy markets, such as increasing energy prices and energy security. These developments require organizations to think more than ever about energy efficiency and cleaner energy sources. 

Creagy provide an analysis on energy and emission markets and policy. We combine many disciplines that are needed for a thorough understanding of energy and climate change trends and the potential impacts of related policies. We bring extensive experience in analyzing and developing policy-driven scenarios as well as in the practical implementation of policies and strategies. We assess the options and available opportunities to develop the right implementation strategy to transition to a low carbon economy; minimizing the operational impacts caused by climate change, our services include: 

  • Market analysis, Technical analysis and Economic analysis 
  • Energy Policy Monitoring and Evaluation
  • Policy and incentive design, such as carbon pricing 
  • Scenario planning 
  • Roadmap Development 
  • City, town low-carbon planning 
  • Strategic planning  

Project references

  • 2019 Study on appropriated financing mechanisms of climate finance for supporting Thailand's NDC implementation,  Office of Natural Resources and Environmental Policy  and Planning (ONEP).
  • 2018 Development of effective Measurement, Reporting and Verification (MRV) Systems for small RE and EE projects, GIZ and Ministry of Energy.
  • 2018  Study on effective and innovative financial instruments for up-scaling investments on energy efficiency in Thailand, GIZ 
  • 2018  Scaling up Thailand's Climate Finance Readiness for Private Sector Investment, GIZ
  • 2018 Study of incentive and pricing mechanisms for encouraing energy efficiency for facotories and buidlings using market-based approach, Partnership for Market Readiness (PMR) managed by the World Bank
  • 2017-2018 Evaluation of projects under the  Energy Conservation Promotion Fund (ENCON Fund), Ministry of Energy
  • 2016-2018 Monitoring and Evaluation of Energy Policy, plan and measures approved by National Energy Policy Council (NEPC)
  • 2015-2018 City-wide Greenhouse Gas Inventory Development and Appropriate Mitigation Plan  for Bangkok, Nonthaburi, Phuket, Songkha, Saraburi, Udonthani and Nan.