Low Carbon Consulting


Since our mission is to create the low carbon economy, we are working day-by-day to ensure that our services can make significant impact and uplift people in making the world to be more effective and efficient. We believe in bringing innovation to create sustainable solutions for long-term results. We prepare and support countries/cities/ organizations/companies for a low carbon economy, helping them to comply with upcoming legislation and new types of risk management related to developments on climate change, energy and environmental markets, such as increasing energy prices and energy security. We work with cities (e.g. Bangkok and Phuket) helping them study GHG emission profiles and teach them how to develop sustainable GHG abatement strategies and priorities their actions. 

  • Development of GHG inventory and forecast  
  • Identification and prioritization of potential GHG emission reduction measures  
  • Development of GHG abatement strategy and action plan 

Market-based Mechanisms is one of the most popular tools using for reduce GHG emissions. Creagy works with clients on both supply and demand sides of the market. On the supply side, Creagy structures and guides renewable energy and greenhouse gas emission reduction projects/programs from beginning to end. We work with companies/cities/organizations to create emission reduction credits. On the demand side, we work with companies/countries/funds to assist them in either meeting their greenhouse gas emission compliance targets or fulfilling their voluntary emission reduction objectives. With a strong fundamental, we add values to our clients by putting creativity. Maximizing our client's value and profitability is our core business. 

  • Project sourcing and origination 
  • Development of GHG emission reduction project design documents 
  • Advice on Emission reduction purchase agreement 
  • Carbon pricing and deal structuring strategy  

Project References

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