Feasibility Analysis and Due Diligence

Creagy offers assistance to investors, private equity & investment funds and financial institutions in identifying and selecting investment opportunities in clean energy sector. We have a track record of evaluating the feasibility and risks of renewable energy projects in Southeast Asia. Our unique network of local project developers and our knowledge of rapidly growing clean energy markets in countries like Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia, Indonesia and the Philippines can bring valuable assets to investors & lenders.  We also offers due diligence supports for the investment or acquisition process, through an independent evaluation that all interested parties can rely upon. 


Policy Design and Analysis

Creagy provides an analysis on energy and emission markets and policy. We help our public sector clients to shape new policies using our interdisciplinary expertise.  We offer fresh perspectives and a thorough understanding of energy and climate change trends and the potential impacts of related policies. We bring extensive experience in analyzing and developing policy-driven scenarios as well as in the practical implementation of policies and strategies. We assess the options and available opportunities to develop the right implementation strategy to transition to a low carbon economy; minimizing the operational impacts caused by climate change.  


Low Carbon Consulting

Our mission is to create the low carbon economy, we are working day-by-day to ensure that our services can make significant impact and uplift people in making the world to be more effective and efficient. We believe in bringing innovation to create sustainable solutions for long-term results. We prepare and support countries/cities/ organizations/companies for a low carbon economy, helping them to comply with upcoming legislation and new types of risk management related to developments on climate change, energy and environmental markets, such as increasing energy prices and energy security. We work with cities (e.g. Bangkok, Phuket, Nonthaburi, Songkhla) helping them study GHG emission profiles and teach them how to develop sustainable GHG abatement strategies and priorities their actions.